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A massive step in the development of the The Promenade Youth Choir saw the choir performing Handel's Messiah at Christ the Prince of Peace Church in Weybridge at 7.30 on Sunday 25th March 2012. The performance was a huge success and a tribute to the hard work put in by all members.


Christopher has years of experience teaching young voices. As well as being an consummate singer and teacher of singing, he is also a qualified classroom teacher. He has directed many workshop ensembles of childrens voices, and has frequently been asked to start a choir to continue the work he does in these. With the support of Surrey Arts he has set this up in Walton-on-Thames.

Future events:

Monday 15th October, Junior Choir demonstration 7.15pm at Bell Farm School.

Friday 9th November, Youth Choir singing at the Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington as part of a local music festival.

Sunday 25th November, Youth Choir singing in the Elmbridge Music Festival 7pm at Hinchley Wood School.

Sunday 2nd December, Junior and Youth Choir concert of seasonal music, 5.30pm at St Peter's Church, Hersham.

Other dates: Possible Girls' Choir concert aon 23rd December. Probable performance of Mozart's Requiem on 24th March.

Christopher has years of experience working with young singers....

The aims of the choirs are to:
  • Foster the joy of singing with others.
  • Work to create the best group sound possible.
  • Teach young singers how to use their voices as effectively as possible.
  • Develop the musical skills of all those in the choir.
  • Develop pride in creating music of a high quality.
  • Give motivated young singers a platform upon which to excel.
The age range for the junior choir is 8-14, dependent on ability. It rehearses in the hall of Bell Farm School, Hersham, Surrey on Mondays from 6.30 - 7.45pm. The age range for the youth choir is be 12-18, dependent on ability. It rehearses in the hall of Bell Farm School, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey on Mondays from 7.45 - 9pm.

Here, during a choral workshop, a child sings as soloist....

Both boys and girls are welcome, though boys in the junior choir should not have broken voices.

If you are interested, please contact Christopher as soon as possible by email or using the form below.

The superb Promenade Girl's Choir has a reputation for producing performances of the highest calibre....

The Promenade Girl's Choir is an invitation only choir which rehearses in workshops during school holidays.

Anybody interested in joining a workshop should ask for an audition.


The Promenade Youth Choir were invited by popular classical ensemble BLAKE to perform with them at the Epsom Playhouse on September 29th 2011. The choir will joined them in their own arrangements of Jerusalem, Nessun dorma, Hallelujah and I vow to thee my country, and sang She's always a woman by Billy Joel. The concert was a huge popular success.

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High quality choirs for children who want to experience the joy of working with other equally motivated young singers.


The Promenade Youth Choir has been set up with the aid of the R.C.Sherriff Trust.
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Performances of the Junior Choir are supported by the Charity of Robert Phillips.
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