We took a 4-track tape recorder along to a booking a while ago, and recorded a selection of the tunes we usually play. The results are totally unrehearsed, 'first takes', which capture our live sound in glorious 'low-fi'! They include some audience noise and are not really a good reflection of what you can expect. We should put this right on the CD (if we ever find time to make it).

If you are thinking of booking us, and are interested in hearing what we sound like, you have three options:

1. To download short extracts from three of our tune sets in "mp3" format, click on one of the following links:

Short example or Medium length example or Long example

(These might take several minutes, depending on your connection speed.)

If you don't have any software to play mp3s, click here to download "Winamp" free from the company's website. This shouldn't be necessary if you have "Media Player", which comes with Windows 98 Second Edition and all more recent Microsoft operating systems.

2. If we are playing at a dance which is open to the public, you might like to come along and hear us "in the flesh". Please contact us to see if we are playing in your area in the near future.

3. We hope to have a demo CD available sometime in 2007. Watch this space.