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The Sad Song Night magazine archives have been slowly gathered together over the years - some of the earlier articles serving as a reminder of what really happened back in those dim and distant days before the tours (and the hairstyles) were reduced to a more civilised length - and they’ll possibly stir up a few memories for those of us who twitched nervously over the break-up rumours of the early 90s, ..... and (speaking personally) that brief, suspiciously grungy look in late 1994!!

These pages are constantly under construction. Any article below, not underlined and linked is coming soon!

Please remember that all material in this section remains the property of the original copyright owners.

Section 1 Kerrang!

20.8.87 They Still Haven’t Named a Pizza After Jon Bon Jovi

19.8.89 Open Air and Say......Ahhh

11.11.89 Cosa Glasnostra

6.1.90 Brothers In Charms

28.7.90 What The Blazes Is Going On?

2.2.91 Bon Jovi In Japan

13.4.91 Jonny Be Frank

7.3.92 Born To Run (Again)

3.10.92 The Leap of Faith

16.1.93 (No) Bed of Roses

24.4.93 Born Again

4.9.93 No Sleep Till Jersey

16.10.93 Bon Jovi Escape Thai Fan Crush

18.12.93 Death or Glory

26.2.94 Getcha Rocks Off

25.6.94 Growin’ Up The K! Way

17.9.94 Bon Jovi Go Buskin’

24.9.94 Elvis Is Dead - But We’re Not

24.12.94 Home For Kerristmas with Jon Bon Jovi

7.1.94 Kerristmas Kracker

15.4.95 They’re Back!

19.8.95 Road Days + 26.8.95 Do I Not Like That?

11.11.95 Paranoid and Sunburnt

25.11.95 Behind Closed Doors

13.1.96 Nice One Jon

2.3.96 Sex, Guns and Rock ‘n’ Roll

9.3.96 London Kills Me

8.6.96 Let’s Go To Work

3.8.96 The Leading Man

4.1.97 Ride Cowboy Ride

17.5.97 This Is My Hollywood

29.4.00 Sex, Drugs, Death, The Mafia. The Confessions of Jon Bon Jovi.

Section 2, Q

1987 Rock ‘n’ Roll - It’s a Bitch

Jan 1989 If You’ve Got It - Flaunt It!

Nov 1994 The Right Trousers

Feb 1995 I Believe In America

July 1995 It Ain’t Half Hot Mum......

Aug 1996 God, I’m Beautiful

Oct 1997 Midlife Crisis?

June 2000 JBJ’s Record Collection

Oct 2000 Hello.... Wherever!

Section 3 Miscellaneous

1987 Metal Edge Bon Jovi Special

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‘A Personal Talk With Jon Bon Jovi’, unknown source, mid 1980s,

‘Shooting The Bull With Jon Bon Jovi’, unknown source, 1989

‘Shooting ‘Em Dead In Hollywood’, Select, September 1990

‘Fighting Back’, Hit Parader, June 1992

’Hobby Shop’, Hit Parader, April 1992

‘Less Abject When Lippy’, Rock Power, 9.9.92

’Fast And Mousse’, unknown source, 1992

‘The American Dream Realised?‘, Raw, 30.9.92

‘A Question of Faith’, Metal Hammer, October 1992

’Bon To Be Wild’, Rock World, January 1993

‘I’m a Benevolent Dictator’, Raw, 1.9.93

‘Jon And Dorothea’s Malibu Hideaway’, Hello, 23.9.95

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