Country of Origin: United Kingdom.
Builders: Sentinel/Thomas Hill (134C) Rebuilt as Diesel 1964.
Engine: Supercharged Rolls Royce C8SFL 311 b.h.p Tractive Effort: 22000lbs.
Transmission: Torque converter-Rolls Royce Final Drive: SCG type 8.4:1 Weight: 36 tons.
Driving wheel diameter: 3'2"
Original Owner: National Coal Board.

This 24'4" long 4-wheeled diesel locomotive started life as a steam loco. After Sentinel ceased steam loco production in 1958, Thomas Hill built their works near Rotherham to repair and rebuild Sentinel steam locos as diesels. No. 11 TH134C is a 36 ton rebuild using the frame of a 200 b.h.p. 4w vertical boilered Sentinel steam loco, retaining chain drive.

The loco was in service at several NCB sites, finishing her working life at Birch Coppice colliery, Tamworth in Staffordshire. Purchased in full working order by the current owner and moved to the Great Central Railway in October, 1980. Such was the condition and power of the loco that for two years she was the permanent way loco dept. assisting with the moving and laying of two and half miles of track from Rothley to Leicester North. Moved with "Mayflower" to HLPG-Hull in 1989 - both locos moved to Wansford in May 1991.

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