Recent events

Grand Celidh and Concert with the Bloatertown Band

Friday 11th February 2005 at Sainsury's Hall Barnstaple

1300 raised!

Raising funds for the Disaster Emergency Committee's appeal for those affected by the dreadful earthquake and tidal wave that hit Asia on Boxing Day 2004
On stage for sound checks, 'Spanish Ladies', the song, not the people!A packed dance floor, but as far as we know no toes broken!
Caller Dave Milner guides them skilfully through their paces.The whole ensemble performs the 'Leaving of Liverpool'

Music Night at the Agricultural Inn, 5th February

Friends gathered at the Agricultural Inn, Braunton when the Mariner's was double booked. John was unwell, so three different cylinders this time!Joining in chorus with Norma (almost Normal), Carol, Alan, Martyn and Lorraine. A particularly enthusiastic young fan club was in place near the camera!