More Past Events. And even more!

Friday 10th February 2004

After another successful evening at the George last year we welcomed Mike to the Mariners. Mike’s wide experience drawn from over thirty years of travelling and playing his songs is what makes him a singer and writer of the present. Last year we were treated to a stunning display of Mike's natural song-writing ability and remarkable guitar and vocal style. He performed a varied programme of songs with thoughtful lyrics and strong melodies. Although Mike is dedicated and serious about his work there is a tremendous humour in the man as well. He delights in sharing a joke or a story with his audiences and builds up such a rapport that they invariably go home reflecting on an evening spent with a good friend. Check out his Website!

Mike Silver

Yetties 2003

The band on form with the Mermaid!
Performing to a packed house at the West End Club Wednesday 1st October 2003 saw our annual pilgrimage
to the Yetties Club in Sherborne.

Happy 70th Birthday John Parker!

Hearts of Oak friends and family gathered at Filleigh Village Hall on Friday 22nd August to celebrate John's 70th Birthday.

Down from up north was Johns favourite northern comedian Bernard Wrigley, a seasoned soap actor, folk singer, and all round funny entertainer! .

And then on the 23rd at Woolacombe Village Hall the entertainment continued!John Parker with his old friend Bernard Wrigley

Grand Fundraising Concert with Tony Beard and the Yetties for

Tony and Charlie setting up the stage for the concert. Where did they get all that greenery from?

Tony Beard started the proceedings with his unique brand of humour.

Your very own Hearts of Oak entertain.Dorset's finest, the Yetties, in fine form.
The whole ensemble finish a very successful night with a bit of 'Wild Mountain Thyme'And of course the walkers present their own cheque to the Children's Hospice South West.