Meet the Current Group Members.

John Parker Tony Piper Ian Hudson Rupert Kirby. Past Members.

John Parker is a former sales executive and a founder member of the group. Apart fom vocals John plays Melodeon, Anglo-concertina and Harmonicas, as well as a mean pair of bongoes! He writes the newsletters, keeps us in order and lives in Barnstaple, North Devon.

Tony Piper is a true countryphile, who works for the National Parks and lives in the midst of Exmoor at Lynton. He sings and plays a variety of percussion instruments including bodrhan, shakers and tambourine as well as a few less orthodox ones! A great vocalist who joined the group in 1985 Return to Top.

Ian Hudson is a well known local watercolour artist who has recently moved to Appledore and apart from a short break has been in the group since 1986. He sings and plays guitars and banjo. He has recorded his own solo CD and can be seen at the Staghunter's in Brendon on occasional Thursday nights during the Summer. Return to Top.

Rupert Kirby is a schoolteacher and Head of Music at Minehead Middle School from January 2003. He is a multi-instrumentalist, playing fiddles, guitar, mandolin, whistles, flute and lap harp, although not all at once! He also sings and lives not far from Tony in Lynton. He is the newest group member, joining in the year 2000. Rupert's Website

The group has been in existence in some form since 1981 and in that time has had many members, some staying briefly and others for longer. These include alphabetically:
Sean Anderson, Horace Bosence, John Burning, Charlie (George) Dickens, 'Dev' Deverell, Des Duffy, Paul Gascoigne, 'Doc' Gurning', Tony Haywood, Ian Hudson, Brendan Kemp, Rupert Kirby, John McRae, Terry Nicholls, John Parker, Tony Piper, Peter Sullivan, Francis Verdigi, Dave Webb, and Dave Wright.

Many are featured on the CD 'By Popular Request'CD's and Tapes .....Return to Top.... Home Page