Horace Bosence, Died 2nd July 2005

It is with great sadness and regret that we have to announce the passing of Horace Bosence who passed peacefully away in his sleep on Saturday morning 2nd July 2005.

Horace had been poorly for some time and had suffered several strokes as well as being affected by alzheimers. Some of our friends will remember him for his great 'Booming' voice, probably the best bass voice we had ever heard live anywhere the group have been. He was, and still is, missed as a member of Hearts of Oak as well as by the many admirers he had gained wherever and whenever we have performed.

Horace joined the group with Tony in 1983 after I put a small article in our company’s monthly newsletter for new group members. I remember that Tony readily joined us whilst Horace questioned me closely before leaving the works choir to join us. He never missed a 'Gig' nor a rehearsal in all the years he was with us.

At the music night held at 'The George', South Molton on 2nd July evening, with folk coming from far afield to join us, we were able to celebrate his time with Hearts of Oak by singing some of the songs he loved to sing, have a bit of a 'chuckle' about some of his antics, and send people away happy as he did when singing with us. Horace is now at peace. - John Parker