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Dear Friends,

Since the announcement in our last newsletter of the pending retirement of 'Hearts of Oak', many of you have expressed disappointment with our decision. This has been flattering to each of us but as I said "hopefully there will be occasions when we will get together for old times sake". Personally, I would like to think that this will happen from time to time. Our good friends have enquired as to how they will get to know of such events should they happen. Well, it can only really be by word of mouth, or via our website which will be continuing for some time yet, providing it is still operating, or, you can give me your contact details, (See over) I will be able to let you know 'if and when' one way or another. I'm sure however, that you will get to know about it.

On a more positive note, Tony, Rupert and myself, hope to continue with carol concerts this Christmas together with Alison Casey, Anne Piper, Hilary Bix, Martyn Babb, and Geoff Hocking, and possibly Geoff's daughter if she can make herself available and Jan Robertson. We should know for sure where we will be by November, and we would love to see you at least once at one of our Christmas carol concerts. A further announcement will be made nearer the time. We already have potential bookings.

I am hoping that by November we will have details of the North Devon Mummers' bookings and we will of course list them for you, and hopefully you will all be able to get to one or two of them.

Many of you came along to see and hear the Marske Fishermans Choir at the beginning of June. You will have noticed I'm sure that both Lynton town hall and The George in South Molton were both 'Sell outs', and what a cracking weekend it was. After a late night at Lynton town hall we ended up down at 'The Crown' just down the hill, and I eventually got back home at almost 3.00 am on the Saturday morning! We were then over at the boat museum in Watchet on the Saturday afternoon, so by the time we were half way through the evening at South Molton I was absolutely drained. Even then some went back to 'The Crown' for yet another late night! - I'm getting too old for that I'm afraid but most certainly The Marske Fishermen and their ladies enjoyed themselves which made our 25th anniversary go with a swing.

I was expecting a fairly quiet night at The George on 1st July, but it was still full and it was another good night with a good number of performers which was great.

We didn't really get involved with the Exmoor weekend festival. All we were booked for was to close the event on theSunday afternoon! No one has come back to us with any information about the festival as far as I know but I believe that it all went well.

We attended the Pilton, one day, 'Green man' festival on 15th July and performed 2 one hour spots, one on the middle stage outside of the 'Chip shop', and one in the Parish hall, both of which seemed to go down quite well and we even sold a few CDs which was good. It was a very busy day with very big crowds, mostly walking around but we did have a little crowd around us for both of our sets. It was really 'HOT' outside in the street. After our 2 hours of performing I was totally 'Cream Crackered'. (Again!!!)

Our next big event will be at the Dartmoor festival at South Zeal (Okehampton) on 12th & 13th of August. 'Hearts of Oak' are organizing a 'Sing-around' in the marquee Saturday morning at about 11.30 until 1.30 pm and on the Sunday we will be playing and organising the field event on the festival green, from the hay cart, in front of the marquee, or in the marquee if wet.

As always, It would be good to see you, if you can make it down there on either (or both) day(s)

The day after we get back from Dartmoor the Bideford Festival will begin! (Busy or what?)

I have just received the programme from Hilary Bix and there are some 'Hand outs' available so if you don't see them on show just ask one of us.

We are playing at 'Tanton's Hotel' on the Tuesday evening together with our old friend Tony Truscott, admission 5. Officially we are not on again until the Saturday afternoon when we will be at 'The Blacksmiths Arms' with 'Rum and Shrub' 'Dave Webber', and 'Dose of Salts'. There are lots of things going on all week, so if you can get there I know that you will have a good time.

NOW on 4th October we are off to Sherborne again to play at 'The Yetties' club, if any of you would like to come then 'Get your name down' Have a word with Kathleen or Alison and reserve your seats. There were a few seats left last year We love having you support us, so please come along if you can ?

Does anyone take the 'Exmoor magazine' ? Well, there's a three page article about us in the Autumn edition. The only place I could find copies were in W.H. Smiths in Barnstaple. The article was written by Albert Beer who used to write the farming page for the 'Journal' and as many of you know he is a great fan of ours. The three page article has photos going back over many years, and it's quite nostalgic really.

Albert and his lady wife will be leaving North Devon sometime soon, and will move to Cardiff nearer their family. So good luck to you Albert and to your lady wife and many thanks for the article and all your support.

On Saturday 23rd September we are giving a concert over at the Manor hall, Berry Narbour (which is the village hall..)

Tickets are 5.00 which will include a bit of supper so it should be a good night. If you would like to go then please telephone Margaret Weller on (01271) 882927to reserve your place.

At this moment Tony is trying to pull together a very special evening on 28th October, so stand by for further information, to be announced at our 2nd September 'Hearts of Oak music' night' at 'The George'...

Tony and myself will be over at Dunster Castle on Friday 29th September singing at an event for the 'Chainsaw Sculpture' competition.It's on all week, although we'll only be there on the Friday evening. It is to be a 'Sing-artound' evening as far as I understand it. Once I have final details I'll get them on the web site. Meanwhile make a note in your diaries.

I don't have a lot more to say so (as usual) I will conclude with a couple of 'Funnies' for your delectation.

A man goes to see his doctor with stomach pains, returning again in a few weeks for the results of his tests.
"Well" said the doctor, "I have some good news and some bad news for you"
The patient visibly concerned said " I suppose I'd better have the good news first if you don't mind"
"Well" sighs the doctor. "We're going to name a disease after you".........

A bloke walked into a pub with a meat and potato pie balanced on his head and ordered a pint of bitter. The barman started to pull it for him but couldn't help asking the obvious question.
"Do you know that you have a pie balanced on your head"?
The customer replies, "Yes, I always have a meat and potato pie on my head on a Wednesday" -
"But it's Tuesday" said the barman.
"Oh no!" said the customer. "I must look a right idiot"...

A man drives all the way down from Aberdeen to London just for a night out when he is stopped at the door by a very large 'Bouncer'
"Sorry sir" said the Bouncer, "You can't come in here without a tie"
"But I've driven all the way down here from Aberdeen, just to get a drink in this place" -
" Sorry sir, " said the Bouncer, "No tie, No entry"
So our friend hurries back to his car to see what he can find to resemble a tie, and the nearest thing he could find were his 'Jump leads' so he fashioned these into what looked a bit like a 'Boot lace' tie and went to try again.
"Can I come in NOW" said our friend.
The Bouncer looked him up and down and replied, "I suppose so but make sure that you don't start anything"!!!

After much deliberation a man decides to take his first parachute jump, for a bet. After leaping from the plane his parachute wouldn't open so he tried the emergency chute, with the same result. Just then he met a person coming upwards from the ground so as he passed by he decided to ask him, "Do you know anything about parachutes?". "No" came the reply, "Do you know anything about gas cookers ?"

Whilst driving a truckload of manure, an old farmer is stopped by a policeman.
"You were speeding", says the policeman. "I'm going to give you a ticket" -
"If you must" replies the farmer watching the cop brush away some flies. "These flies are a real nuisance" says the polceman. "Yes" says the farmer, "The're called 'Circle flies - they call them that because they circle around a horses tail" This upset the copper who replies "You wouldn't be calling me a horses backside would you!!!?" "No! - not me" says the farmer, "But I don't think that you can fool those flies!"

Thanks, as always, for your support, we look forward to seeing you all next time.

Our very best wishes and keep singing. It's difficult to be sad if you have a song going around in your head and heart !

John, Rupert, Tony and Ian, and our 'minders' Kath, Alison Gladys and Anne.

If you would like to be notified, or involved in any future events wherever and whenever, when some, or all of us are involved please give your details to John or post it to :
John Parker, Bradicott House,
Bradiford, Barnstaple,
Devon. EX31 4AW

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