Newsletter, 3rd September 2005

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Dear Friends,

This has been a fairly quiet summer for us. The only 'away' festival that we attended was Teignmouth, which was very good. We passed on Swansea and Cardiff, which left Bideford and Pilton Festivals 'home' ones for us, and very good they were too.

Personally, I went to two events at the Bideford Festival, four if you count the two with 'Hearts of Oak' as a group. Many of our good friends came along to see us perform. The weather was good, which was a plus, it was well organized in all aspects, as far as I could see, and the 'Fringe' events went well. I believe that I speak for all of us, in congratulating the Bideford Folk Club, for the excellent way the whole thing was set up and executed. Maybe it will happen again next year, I do hope so. I appreciate that it is very hard work to set the whole thing up, plenty of 'nail biting' moments, I'm sure, but I congratulate the whole club membership on a job well done.

Just prior to that was our first appearance at the Pilton Festival. It was noisy, busy, well attended. Again, some of you came along to the event which just gets bigger each year. The local paper referred to it as "A smaller Glastonbury" ! Perhaps a bit of an exaggeration there, but it was still very good.

Tony and I went to Horace's funeral on 11th July. Several of our friends were there, unfortunately neither Ian or Rupert could be there. Horace's daughter requested that we sang live, at Pilton church, which we were pleased yet sad to do. Many of you will remember his rich bass voice in the years he was able to sing with us, and many of you will have his recorded songs on CDs and tapes. Thank you Horace for your time and support with us over many years.

On 30th July we played at the Chulmleigh Village Fayre, for the second year. It was quite cold for July, up there on those Devonshire hills, in a small marque on the local cricket pitch with a cold wind blowing ! I kept my sweater on all evening ! Never mind the audience enjoyed it and, as always, so did we. Good singing in good company. What else can you wish for ?

Our August evening at The George was well supported, it certainly seems to build month on month. It was a bit earsplitting with the screaming at the back. We appreciate the adoration (if that what it's meant to be) but we don't like to upset our long standing friends, so maybe those enthusiastic 'Screamers' could show appreciation in a slightly different fashion.

You will no doubt notice that one of us is missing tonight at ' 'The George' Tony and Anne are on holiday. I was told where but I can't remember ! - I'm getting lots of these ' Senior moments' these days. Never mind it will soon be Christmas ! - I'm sure that Christmas comes twice a year these days it just seems like six months since the last one ! Friday, 21st October is 'Trafalgar Day' we are supposed to be involved with the festival at Appledore. I will need to speak to Gerry O'Leary very soon otherwise we'll miss it !

It will then be 200 years since the monumental battle, and that great Royal Navy victory at Cape Trafalgar, that was the sad end to possibly the greatest British naval hero of all times (?)

* Special note *

We leave Fairview carpark at 5.00 pm and return in the small hours of THURSDAY 13th October (Approx 1.00 am)

Shammick Acoustic.
If you can sing, play or say
or just listen
Come and join us every second Saturday in the month
The Top George, Combe Martin
Call Tom or Barbara Brown on
(01271) 882366 for more details

It was good to see Gladys back with us last month after Horace's death. We hope to see a bit more of her now. A couple of 'Funnies' for you........ A train station is where a train stops. A bus station is where a bus stops. On my desk I have a workstation !

I had a phone call today for a booking at a Fire station. We went along and it turned out to be a hoax call !

A passenger in a taxi leaned over to ask the cab driver a question and tapped him on the shoulder. The driver screamed, lost control of the cab,just missed a bus, mounted the kerb, and stopped just before smashing into a plate glass shop window. The passenger shaking nervously apologized . The driver replied "It's okay and it's all my fault. Today is my first day as a cab driver. For the past 25 years I've been driving a hearse".

A young lad was talking to his Sunday school teacher who asked him "Do you say your prayers before every meal times?" "No need" said the boy "My Mums a good cook"

I'm hoping that by our next newsletter in November, I might have final details of our coming carol concerts, as well as the North Devon Mummer's dates. Our last music night at 'The George' this year, will be on Saturday, 3rd December, before it all 'Kicks off ' As always thank you all for your support, long may it continue and to grow.

A special thanks to all of you who regularly come from far a-field, from Yeovil, Taunton, Minehead, Exeter, and now Tiverton and Bridgwater !

We look forward to seeing you all, next time around, when we shall most certainly be thinking about Christmas (again!)

It's always good to see those of you who come to our various bookings, around different places, and for your support and friendship.

Best wishes from all of us. Thats, John, Tony, Ian, Rupert and the girls, Gladys, Kathleen, Alison and Anne for 'Hearts of Oak' Keep abreast of our movements and our antics by visiting our web site. or, by email.

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