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Last month's Newsletter

Newsletter - April 2003

Hiya Folks,

There are a few things to get through this time around but before I do I must apologise for the delay in getting our new CD out and into the market place. I did however say in the last newsletter that " it must be right, and it must be good value for money". Things have been going quite well really but there are just a couple of niggling things that need sorting so it shouldn't be too long now. There is some really good stuff on it and I am confident that you will be well pleased with the final result.

Joe Stead who was with us a short while ago has his own publishing company that also produces CDs at a fair price so we are giving him a go this time. He's straining at the leash to get all the artwork and the master CD so we are having to stall him a little bit !

If you have any old LPs with a 'Greenwich' label on them well that's Joe's company.

I think that most of us enjoyed Joe's performance and I believe he managed quite well to cover up that he was suffering from Sciatica. He also runs a Shanty crew up there in Halifax called 'Kimbers Men' and I think perhaps we'll get them down next year when we can maybe have a little 'thrash' around the 'Kathleen and May' like a mini festival or something. - We'll see.....

Our trip to Bromsgrove went really well. It was a 'sell-out' and Kevin Pearson and his lovely wife did us proud laying on some grub for us when we got there, and some rolls and coffee for us on our way home. It's a long way to go and to come back the same day but very worth while just to raise money for the Primrose Hospice up there in the Midlands

I arrived home 'Cream crackered' at just about 3.00 am !!! AND We will be up there again shortly ! - This time at Redditch raising money for the RNLI -( It must be a long way to push a lifeboat to the sea from there! - What do you reckon ? )

It was good to have Joyce Moon with us and for her to hear her song 'Faces' live for the first time (See web site www.heartsofoak.net for words and details) I'm sure that Joyce will be back again for 'The 'Mariners' very soon. There is another song floating about somewhere I'm sure which will more than likely emerge at some point.. The next one though will be 'light and airey' compared to 'Faces on the stair' which is 'heavy and symbolic' laced with the life and tragedy of the miners and the mining industry of her childhood days in West Wales.

It was Tony's 50th birthday last Friday ! (30th May)- And I'm sure that we will all wish him a very happy "Fiftieth" together with our grateful thanks for his support over the years (1985 I think it was when he first joined us ?) Anne held a little soire for him on the Friday evening over there in Lynton which was very nice. I don't think that he had time to eat much though but I dare say he made up for it after we'd all gone home to Bo-bo's

The 9th May saw us at 'The Bridge Inn', the first this year (and probably the last this year as well ! - The only reason is that we are rather overbooked which includes some time off for our own holidays and things). Sunday 4th May we were doing our Exmoor Walkers evening over at the Lynton Town Hall. It was still a good night apart from me and my voice which was suffering badly with laryngitis (or Pharyngitis so Jean Plester says) which was on top of my trying hard to sing at 'The Mariners' the night before. - We shared the Lynton evenong with author and naturalist Johnnie Kingdom.

On Sunday evening, 25th May, we gave a concert on, and for, the restoration work on, the 'Kathleen and May' it certainly seemed to go well. (See photo) Apparently we raised about 500 which included the collection which was added to our contribution added to that raised by the vintage car exhibition on Brunswick wharf during the day. In all there was enough money to have a radar unit fitted on the ship, so it's a big 'Thank you' to all of our friends and supporters that came along. It was a success, and Steve Clarke (the owner) was there with some of his family as well. We will be asked to do something later on I'm sure, possibly in the autumn so I will let you know. Again, tickets will be limited to around 70 so if would like to come along then tell me once we all know about it.

What I must tell you is that next year (probably August) we have been invited to go to Ireland on the Kathleen & May and play at a festival over there. - That's two days journey there, two days back and two days over there at festivals and other things. I expect we will have to sleep in the cargo hold in sleeping bags or something equally uncomfortable but we'll see.

Bideford Folk Club

Every Thursday at 'The Joiners Arms' Bideford
(Behind the Pannier Market)
Everyone welcome - Collection,
Occasional guests

Don't forget- we can be found on our web site That's : www.heartsofoak.net

On the Publicity subject, Kathleen has produced some name and address sheets for people who would like information about us, so iff you, or anyone you might know, would like to receive our details then add their names to this list.

Just thinking about names for a moment. On behalf of all of us including our esteemed committee, I really would like to thank all of those lovely people who come regularly from Dorset, - Taunton, - Bristol, - Exeter and Cornwall. It's always good to see you especially on guest nights but in particular for your support on our own Music nights. Of course we must also thank our regular and locals supporters ( Our 'Backbone' ) for their continued support as well. WE NEED YOU ALL FOLKS.

I can't think of anywhere else I would rather be than with all of you on our very special music nights.

Okay folks, that's another 'Wrap' so If there is anything or anyone special you would like then please let one of us know.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement,

Yours as always, That's Ian Hudson, Tony Piper, Rupert Kirby, Kathleen Davey, Alison Casey, Gladys Bosence and of course, Yours Truly, - me.

John Parker