Teignmouth Folk Festival 2005 - June 25th to 26th

In action on the Marquee stage
And again.
Rupert and John
Tony and Ian
On the Ship Stage, a bit high up!! Paddy lay back!
At the psychadelic Ice Factory
Jack and Tom Woodward, extremely promising performers.
Hugh and Annabel Clarke, Dartmoor Broom Dancing Champions!
Good friends 'Hanging Johnny' from Cornwall, back on the Ship Stage on Sunday
Hanging Oaks! A merger for a quick Ten Thousand Miles!
Tim Laycock, who wrote 'Row On', a frequent request.
Jim Payne and Fergus O'Byrne, all the way from Newfoundland.
The Limejuice Ship, our last appearance in the Marquee.
Time Ashore is Over, time to go home!
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