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B11 - NEW!: Riding Out in Style: A Visual Guide to Women's Equestrian Dress, Side-saddles and Accessories by Penny J. Housden (Side Saddle Lady proprietor). A4 softcover book, comb-bound to open flat for study, published by Penmarran Publishing in the UK in November 2007. Covers riding habits, side-saddles and accessories from the earliest times to 1910. Illustrated throughout with pen and ink drawings by the author, and black and white and colour illustrations on glossy photo paper, from French fashion plates, cartes de visite and selected items from the Side Saddle Lady Collection among others. For more information, please click here.
£25 / $53 / 35 euros



B10 - NEW!: Side-Saddle by Jane Pryor. Softcover booklet on side-saddle riding, published by the Kenilworth Press in the UK in May 2007 as part of their Threshold Picture Guide Series (No. 53). Covers the type of horse or pony suitable for side saddle riding; types of side-saddle and its fitting; types of girths and stirrups; mounting and dismounting; a rider's position and aids; jumping; and what to wear and when to wear it. It is illustrated throughout in coloured drawings by Carole Vincer. 24 pages.
£4.95 / $10.50


B9 - Side-saddle Riding for Beginners
by Charlotte Brailey Kneeland (founder of the International Side Saddle Organization); illustrated in pen and ink by Jan Olson Floyd. Large format booklet, 64 pages.Contains much useful information for the newcomer to (mainly English-style) side-saddle riding.
£16.50 / $34.00
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B1 - The Young Lady's Equestrian Manual. Small but charming illustrated volume of instruction, a facsimile of an original book published in 1838. Limited edition of 500. Hardback.
£18.95 / $38.85


B2 - All About Riding Side Saddle by Patricia and Victoria Spooner. An ideal manual for the beginner, covering types of side-saddles, fitting, mounting, dismounting, correct seat, habit and turnout. Also handy hints for novices and more experienced side-saddle riders. Paperback.
£4.95 / $10.50

B3 - The Art of Side Saddle
by Rosamund Owen. A fascinating insight into the history, etiquette, show, dos and don'ts of side-saddle riding. Hardback.
£21.95 / $45.00


B6 - Riding Habits of the Era of the Hoop, compiled by Heidi Marsh of the USA. Lots of information and illustrations covering the Victorian period, approx. 1845-79. Very useful reference booklet if making up the 1865 habit dressmaking patterns, also by Heidi Marsh. Spiral-bound large-format paperback.
£10.95 / $22.50

B7 - The Fair Lady Aside - her saddles and habits, by Mary Thomas. Produced by the World Side Saddle Federation in the USA, this 60-page booklet covers the history, construction and styles of side-saddles and costume from medieval times to present day. Paperback.
£9.95 / $20.50
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B8 - Side Saddle Legacy: How to ride Aside the American Way, by Martha Coe Friddle and Linda A. Bowlby. Produced by the WSFI in the USA. Paperback.
£19.95 / $41.00


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Cards (all blank inside, unless otherwise stated)

C26 - NEW!: From an original 1837 fashion plate from La Mode.
£1.35 / $2.75




C27 - NEW!: The 8th Duke and Duchess of Beaufort. Limited number available.
£1.25 / $2.55




C1 - My Wife, My Horse, and Myself, by Sir Alfred Munnings.
£1.15 / $2.40
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C2 - All Rounder, by Jane Wells.
£1.25 / $2.60



C3 - Mistress of the Hounds, by F. Taylor. (Christmas greeting.)
£1.30 / $2.70




C7 - Love in the Mist, by Gilbert Holiday.
£1.25 / $2.60



C8 - Boot and Saddle, by Gilbert Holiday.
£1.25 / $2.60

C9 - Hold Hard for God's Sake!, by Gilbert Holiday. (Birthday)
£1.25 / $2.60


C10 - The Meet, by Gilbert Holiday.
£1.25 / $2.60

C11 - Tarr Steps, Exmoor: Devon and Somerset Staghounds. Postcard.
£0.25 / $0.52

C22 - Horse World, by Elizabeth Ansell.
£1.25 / $2.60



C23 - Creek Pony Collection, by Jacquie Jones.
£1.10 / $2.25



C24 - Portrait of an Equestrienne, c. 1870s, by
Penny Housden.
£0.95 / $1.95



C25 - Spring Fever
, by Penny Housden (on silver card).
£0.95 / $1.95


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Stationery (illustration detail shown for notepaper)

S1 - Colour notepaper, with late Victorian rider in green habit. Ten sheets and ten envelopes. Motif at top left of sheet.
£2.75 / $5.70


S2 - Colour notepaper, with early Victorian rider in mauve habit. Ten sheets and ten envelopes. Motif at bottom right of sheet.
£2.75 / $5.70


S3 - Colour notepaper, with 'A Lady Hawking' scene. Ten sheets and ten envelopes.
£2.75 / $5.70

S4 - Colour notepaper
, with a Victorian couple on
horseback, and dog. Ten sheets and ten envelopes.
£2.75 / $5.70


S6 - Notecards, with early Victorian rider in mauve habit, and the word 'Greetings'. Set of five, with envelopes.
£2.60 / $5.50


S7 - Noteblock, with three different Victorian side-saddle pictures in colour. Paper included. Matches penpot (below).
£7.50 / $15.50

S8 - Penpot, with three different Victorian side-saddle pictures in colour. Matches noteblock (above).
£4.50 / $9.25


S9 - Colour bookmarks. Laminated card (picture on one side only), trimmed with ribbon. Choose from Side-saddle hunting scene or Horse and foal.
£1.00 / $2.05

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