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J1 - Silver side-saddle pendant/charm. Made in Holland. Approx. 17 mm long (excluding pendant mount).
£18.50 / $37.55
Sorry, now sold out.



The Reynard Estate - NEW!

Charming character figures by Border Fine Arts. A family of beautifully sculpted foxes dressed in side-saddle riding habits. Each figure comes with a Reynard family tree leaflet and its own gift box. Very collectable! There are also male counterparts in hunting pink available to order - please enquire.

M13 - NEW!: Lady Reynard. 18 cm high. With pince-nez style eye-glasses attached to a chain, a hunting crop, and holding a filled wine glass. (See larger picture on the 'What's New' page.)
£20 / $42 (plus shipping)




M14 - NEW!: The Duchess of Reynard. 17.5 cm high. In a wicker bath chair complete with red tartan blanket. Holding a stirrup cup and wearing eye-glasses attached to a chain. (See larger picture on the 'What's New' page.)
£25 / $52 (plus shipping)




M15 - NEW!: Miss Reynard. 16 cm high. With wine glass and riding crop with a pheasant-head top. (See larger picture on the 'What's New' page.)
£18 / $37.50 (plus shipping)




M12 - Lady Fox, made by F.R. Gray of Staffordshire, is a charming and quality china figurine, dressed in hunting side-saddle riding habit. Approx. 6 inches high.
£21.95 / $45.00 (plus shipping)
Sorry - temporarily out of stock



M1 - Fridge magnet. Victorian rider.
£2.15 / $4.30


M2 - Serviette holders. Set of two with different designs. Acrylic.
£3.95 / $8.00

M3 - 'Three Riders'. Western, modern, period.
£1.60 / $3.25

M4 - Victorian rider.
£1.60 / $3.25


M5 - 'A Lady Hawking'.
£1.60 / $3.25



M7 - Elm trinket bowl with embroidered Victorian side-saddle rider in lid (chestnut horse, blue habit), approx. 12 cm diameter.
£18.95 / $38.50



M8 - Coasters.
Set of four acrylic coasters with different Victorian side-saddle scenes, in clear box.
£7.95 / $16.50





M9 - 'Mistress of the Hounds' by F. Taylor. Poster, size (including border) 11 1/4 x 15 3/3 inches.
£5.95 / $12.10



M10 - Victorian-style scrap reliefs. Attractive, colour, embossed scrap reliefs featuring side-saddle riders and horses from authentic Victorian designs. Sheet size 9 x 12 inches. Ideal for decoupage.
£1.50 / $3.05


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