The Fair Equestrienne

Press Launch Day, 10 March 2004

All pictures are by courtesy of the National Trust, photographer is Guy Harrop

(Costumes shown here are reproductions; all except the black early nineteenth-century habit were made by Side Saddle Lady proprietor Penny Housden. Patterns for these can be found in the catalogue pages.)

Riding whips at dawn! Left to right: Charlotte Eddington, Assistant Costume Curator at Killerton, and Gwen Burns. Charlotte is dressed in a 1770s riding habit; Gwen is wearing a velvet habit of the Regency period. The riding whips are originals.


Who said something funny? Left to right: Penny Housden, Side Saddle Lady proprietor, wearing an 1865 tartan habit and original Victorian top hat; Charlotte, Moira Bracknell in a riding habit of the 1880s/90s and and an authentic silk hat; Gwen.


Don't you know it's rude to point? Left to right: Beth Smith in an early nineteenth-century habit; Moira; Gwen; Penny and Charlotte.


Charlotte and Moira outside the Bear House, a 'summerhouse' in the gardens at Killerton.


Reflections in a mirror. Beth (right) fastens her early nineteenth-century style of corset before donning her riding habit, while Penny tips her hat to the correct angle to complete her mid-nineteenth-century look.


Shades of the 'Wicked Lady'? Time for a gossip! Left to right: Charlotte, Beth, Moira, Gwen and Penny.


Charlotte and Gwen at the Bear House.


All good things come to an end. A successful launch day for The Fair Equestrienne exhibition, and it's now time to go - but at least it gives a chance to show off the back views of the riding habits!

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