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The Side Saddle Association. This is the website of the official UK side-saddle organization, and contains much information of interest to the side-saddle rider, including the aims of the SSA, lists of judges and instructors, grade tests, National Show details and other forthcoming events, useful contacts and services, side-saddle worldwide etc.

International Side Saddle Organization. This USA-based side-saddle organization has lots of information for the side-saddle enthusiast, including events and clinics being held in the USA and links to many other side-saddle-related websites.

Robert Jenkins. A Master Saddler and side-saddle specialist in the UK, Rob Jenkins has a selection of new and used side- saddles for sale, as well as being able to undertake side-saddle repairs and restoration, made to measure new side-saddles, and saddle fittings. He has won several awards from the Society of Master Saddlers for his work.

Side Saddle Source. A new USA-based website for interesting and useful side saddle information, run by a consortium of side saddle experts.

American Lady Aside. Equipment, crafts and books for the side-saddle rider. USA-based business, run by a side-saddle enthusiast.

NEA Sidesaddle Association. Website of the New England Aside association in USA, a non-profit educational organisation promoting side-saddle riding.

Side Saddles. Practical equipment by mail order for side-saddle riding, from side-saddles to ready-to-wear modern riding habits and accessories.

Side Saddle International. The website of the colour magazine, now unavailable that features side-saddle events and people worldwide, and articles of historical interest.

Hundred Oaks, Inc. One of the USA's largest suppliers of side-saddles and accessories, both English and western styles, including the Steele side-saddle.

De Nederlandse Vereniging Het Dameszadel. A side-saddle organisation in the Netherlands - its chairman Christina Meijer-Meijer, and secretary Charlotte Specken, are well known from their annual attendances at the English Side Saddle Association National Show. The website is currently in Dutch.

Heritage Tack and Saddlery. This is the website of Californian saddler Lillian Chaudhary, who specialises in custom-made western side-saddles, but repairs all types of side-saddle, and has some for sale.

Georgia Ladies Aside. Lots of side-saddle information can be found on this website of Georgia Ladies Aside (GALA) in the USA, a group of ladies interested in educating the public and promoting the art of side-saddle riding.

American Sidesaddle Association. Another very interesting USA website promoting side-saddle riding, formed by a group of enthusiasts, experienced in side-saddle.

Eleganze im Damensattel. A German website devoted to side-saddle riding.

Reflections, by Prism. Fashions for the equine show circuit.

Hoosier Ladies Aside. An interesting American-based website, giving side-saddle information, news and activities, history, pictures and more.

Corsets and Crinolines. A resource for collectors/makers of period costume, particularly of the Victorian and Edwardian era. This fascinating UK-based website includes interesting information on side-saddle riding habits.

Beverley Calloway of Jordan Fish Designs makes custom reproduction clothing, including riding habits. She is still developing her website, but meanwhile you can get in touch with her by email:

Old Rocking Horses. Jane Hooker's fascinating website of research into and restoring English rocking horses and covers all aspects of making or restoring a rocking horse, including the saddlery (which Jane makes herself, being also a qualified saddler) and history. She has a number of restored rocking horses for sale, but is also interested in acquiring ones in need of restoration, and is happy to hear from anyone who shares her passion for rocking horses.

Herts Fabrics is a source for Melton fabric, ideal for modern and period side-saddle habits, and is available in navy and black by mail order.

The Staymaker. Ian Chipperfield, trained in pattern cutting and making period costume, and who is a professional corsetier, runs weekend courses in the UK on Victorian corset-making, where you will learn to cut and construct a Victorian corset to fit you. Essential for the correct period look when riding in costume, a corset can easily be adapted for wearing on horseback. See also the Noticeboard page for more information, and details of forthcoming courses.

Jane Dunn, professional artist. Side saddle and other paintings. See the Noticeboard on this site for examples of her side saddle oil paintings, and visit her website for pictures of her other work and contact details.

Side Saddle Association Area 11. This is the website for Area 11 of the UK Side Saddle Association, covering Gwynydd, Clwyd, Cheshire, North Shropshire and Staffordshire.

Clippersharp. The UK's leading animal clipper company, for horse clippers, blade sharpening, dog grooming and vets' supplies.

Pete's Custom Saddlery. USA-based business specialising in building and restoring antique and modern side-saddles. Also a saddle-making school.

Side Saddle Association of Ireland. A new website for side-saddle riders in Ireland.

Links to other interesting websites coming soon - keep trying this page!

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